Time Vector Field Chronicles - An Introduction

Ladies & Gentlemen:

Welcome to the Raulm Trust web site! In the memoirs and interviews found here, you will learn about the experiences of three men who claim to have physically traveled through time. Absurd and ridiculous you say? I must confess, I thought so too about a year ago. But as I have interviewed the time travelers and archived their material over the last year, an incredible system of logic, scientific discovery and metaphysical insight has unfolded before my very eyes. On one occasion, I was even allowed to observe their time ship which they have christened the Qabala and quite honestly, it was one of the most unsettling experiences I have ever encountered in my life. Although primarily made of modern materials such as carbon fiber, aluminum and fiberglass, I actually felt I was in the presence of a living creature. Strange stuff, no doubt! I really have no explanation for this feeling, except for what one of the time travelers told me and you can read that for yourself if you wish in “Technical Overview #2.”

How did all of this interest in time travel come about? About a year ago, I was approached by my uncle and asked if I would like to write up a series of adventures and articles for some friends of his who had gone through some very unusual and mystical situations. These people apparently had some important information to convey to all those “who were receptive.” He knew I was going through major changes in my life and that I needed something intriguing to keep me focused and productive. He suggested that I meet with these men one night later in the week to discuss things and to find out if I was really up to doing this task.

Upon meeting the three gentlemen, I was told by my uncle that due to the nature of the subject matter under discussion, their “true” identities were to remain a secret. I was introduced to a “Col. Dezeraie Stuart (no relation), Dr. Pete Savage and Sir Thomas Lancaster.” I won’t go into detail about my meeting with these men and their backgrounds here, since this is another story which is part of the Time Vector Field Chronicles. However, let me state that I was entirely unprepared for what they told me that evening. Col. Stuart and his associates painted a picture of inter-dimensional time travel to “vector points” situated in what they called the “time fabric.” They referred to their time ship, the Qabala and how pulsating, orthogonal magnetic fields and grid point power fluctuations could be used for actual time travel. They also talked about navigating what they called the “Inter-Dimensional Time Vector Matrix.” They alluded to some of their exploits and how they often traveled back and occasionally forward into time. In some instances, it appears they even tried to alter or affect historical events in the past for the betterment as well as the preservation of mankind. I was totally mesmerized by what they were telling me and actually wondered at one point if I was dreaming!

Sir Thomas also talked about the great mystical experiences the group encountered in their time travels and something he calls the “Godhead Chronicles.” All three men say that without a doubt, these mystical encounters were the greatest reward of their time travel exploits. In addition to the technical information and adventures, they apparently have something very profound to tell “all those who will listen.”

To be perfectly honest, I had some misgivings about working with this group because I thought they were very eccentric and perhaps crazy. However, the deciding factor for me was when I talked to my uncle who is approaching seventy-one years of age and he told me he was a contemporary of Dr. Savage, a man who appears chronologically to be at most, in his mid-forties! When I pointed this out to my uncle he indicated that the time travelers had figured out a way to use “time fabric” entry and exit points as a means of looking younger. This made me think there was more to all of this “time travel” business than I first thought and I was hooked for good!

Once I had reached an agreement with the group concerning my fees for service and the cost of setting up a non-profit entity to copyright and publish material, I began the arduous task of writing up the events as they were told to me. This was a very difficult situation because each time travel memoir/interview had to be approved by all three time travelers prior to publication. They were all very concerned about misinformation getting out to the world about important discoveries. Thus, the memoirs and interviews that can be obtained from this site have been checked very thoroughly for accuracy by the time travelers prior to their actual release by me.

I personally hope that you the reader enjoy the Time Vector Field Chronicles as much as I’ve enjoyed writing them. Regardless of your perception of these events, perhaps in some small way, they will serve to expand the horizons of your own world.

With Deepest Regards,

Jesse Errol Stewart